Jinan Foreign Language School Welcomes Second Visit from Lycée Saint-Louis Students from Rennes, France



Following the joyous echoes of the first batch of French guests, Jinan Foreign Language School eagerly greeted the second group from Lycée Saint-Louis in Rennes, France. These students, representing the school's Chinese international class, have studied Mandarin for over eight years and harbor a deep passion for the Chinese language and culture. Recently, the French teachers and students arrived safely at Jinan Foreign Language School.


In preparation for their visit, Jinan Foreign Language School meticulously planned detailed itineraries. Principal Lin Baolei and Vice Principal Wang Hongmei personally extended warm welcomes to their distant friends. French teachers and students engaged in a cultural exchange class, discussing the cultural and emotional significance of the Chinese classic poem "Quiet Night Thoughts." Representatives from both Chinese and French sides recited poems in their respective languages, showcasing the unique charms of Chinese and French.


Later, Lycée Saint-Louis students, led by Teacher Xu Runhao, experienced traditional Chinese art by trying their hand at woodblock printing. Under the guidance of their teacher, they imprinted Chinese-style patterns on paper, expressing their love for Chinese culture.


During a break, French and Chinese students held an interactive musical session in the Lycée classroom. The carefully prepared choral performance by Jinan Foreign Language School's French students received enthusiastic applause from their French counterparts. The students from Lycée Saint-Louis also sang Chinese songs "Dust of Love" and "The Brave," captivating the audience. Finally, students from both countries joined in singing "Friends" to celebrate the sincere friendship between the two schools and countries.


After lunch, the French students exchanged with Chinese students at the library.



In the afternoon, under the guidance of Teacher Jin Bingying, French students experienced the charm of Chinese martial arts at Jingwei Square. With courteous bows and graceful movements, Chinese and French students practiced together, each movement executed with precision. They immersed themselves in Chinese martial arts, with Teacher Jin providing guidance on movements and explaining the cultural significance behind them.


During the calligraphy class, each French student practiced the strokes of Chinese characters by hand. With just a few strokes, the Chinese character “福” (fortune) styles emerged on paper. Teacher Sun Jinjin demonstrated, and after repeated practice, each student wrote their most beautiful "福" character on red paper.


The next day, with the morning sun shining, the French students, eager explorers, embarked on a journey to explore the beauty of Baotu Spring and Daming Lake, hoping to witness the charm of the "City of Springs."

"This way and that, lotus flowers and willows, half the city's mountain hues, half its lake's charm." Stepping out of the Chinese textbooks and into the picturesque scenes of Daming Lake, the French children truly experienced the springtime of Jinan: flowers blooming everywhere, fragrant scents filling the air, gentle breeze, sparkling waves, and clear skies. Walking down the stone bridge, they turned right to the Lao She Memorial Hall. Touching the mottled door frames, the children earnestly read about the life of the writer; leaning against the display case, they discussed "Teahouse" and "Spring in Jinan," proud and eager, the children's faces lit up, with a mix of Chinese, English, and French but no communication barriers, this little room was bustling and eye-catching. Looking out over the lake and admiring the flowers and trees, every scene was just suitable for a snapshot. Isn't this the mystery of Chinese garden culture?


With admiration for the ancient sage Confucius, crossing mountains and rivers, the French youths embarked on a cultural journey to Confucius' hometown.


In the morning light of Qufu, with a gentle breeze blowing, the French students strolled through the stone-paved roads, seeming to step to the rhythm of history. The ancient cypresses of the Confucius Temple towered like ancient guardians of wisdom; the faint fragrance of flowers in the Confucius Mansion seemed to let us feel the fragrance of knowledge; the sound of the pine trees in Confucius Forest seemed to tell of the thousand years of history. They stopped at every pavilion and tower, their eyes revealing reverence for this millennium-old culture. Guided by the tour guide, they listened to stories from a thousand years ago, their eyes full of longing and admiration for Eastern culture. They occasionally expressed astonishment as if time were flowing backward, experiencing that glorious era firsthand.IMG_269

During their visit to Jinan, the French students engaged in cultural exchanges and academic activities with their counterparts at Jinan Foreign Language School. They shared experiences, exchanged insights, and deepened their understanding of each other's cultures. The visit provided them with a valuable opportunity to immerse themselves in the rich traditions of Chinese culture. The collaboration between Jinan Foreign Language School and Lycée Saint-Louis-de-Gonzague aims to foster mutual understanding and friendship between Chinese and French students. It is hoped that this partnership will serve as a bridge of friendship connecting the cultures of China and France. Looking ahead, Jinan Foreign Language School is committed to promoting international education and collaboration with outstanding schools worldwide, contributing to the advancement of education on a global scale.

(Li Xiaotong; Gong Lili; Hua Shan; Yuan Yuhua; Liu Xiaohan; Lou Xinyu; Hou Yawen; Liang Ruixin; Xu Jiayi; Li Jiayin; Liu Lu; Yang Yang; Chong Yaqi; Yuan Yaning)

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