Celebrates the May Day Holiday in Jinan: International Friends Immerse Themselves in Song Dynasty Life Through Poetry by Li Qingzhao



Recently, the "Celebrates the May Day Holiday in Jinan: Lianyun Qingshao - a series of events" was held in the Mingshui Ancient Town in Zhangqiu District, Jinan. Eleven foreign friends from countries including Russia, the Netherlands, Papua New Guinea, Liberia, Vietnam, Morocco, Mongolia, Yemen, and South Sudan visited the birthplace of Li Qingzhao to immerse themselves in the Song Dynasty life depicted in her poetry amidst the beauty of the ancient town in spring.


The international friends, dressed as ancient deities, toured the Mingshui Ancient Town and participated in park activities, experiencing traditional customs associated with the approaching spring festival at close quarters. Each checkpoint in the park activities was carefully designed to offer different interactive experiences inspired by the ancient "Six Arts and Eight Elegant Arts," allowing foreign friends to enjoy the profound cultural heritage of Li Qingzhao's birthplace while indulging in leisurely park activities.


Beside the residence of Li Qingzhao, also known as "Yi'an Jushi" in Mingshui Ancient Town, foreign friends, along with the ancient deity figures present at the event, delved into the essence of spring depicted in poetry and searched for the footsteps of spring in Mingshui Ancient Town. They engaged in tea-tasting and literary discussions, quoting classical lines from Li Qingzhao's works or composing impromptu verses, fostering friendships over tea and poetry, and sharing in the cultural exchange banquet that bridged Chinese and foreign cultures, transcending time.


As they strolled through the streets of the ancient city, foreign friends witnessed traditional customs associated with the approaching spring festival, including deity processions, elegant tea ceremonies, river lantern wishing rituals, and calligraphy demonstrations. Through activities like taking photos with the deities, lighting wishing lanterns, participating in pot-throwing games, and creating calligraphy pieces, foreign friends from various countries not only experienced the springtime charm of Mingshui Ancient Town but also immersed themselves in the beauty of a leisurely life, reminiscent of Li Qingzhao's famous line "I forget the way home, intoxicated by the sunset glow by the river pavilion."



Amina from Liberia expressed that it was her first immersive experience of the traditional Chinese festival on Lunar March 3rd. After gaining an in-depth understanding of the origin and customs of the "March 3rd Festival," she developed a deeper understanding and appreciation of Chinese traditional festivals and culture. She hopes to participate in more cultural experience activities related to Chinese culture in the future.




During the March 3rd Festival, Chinese and foreign friends gathered together to celebrate this ancient Chinese traditional festival, unlocking the romance and charm depicted in poetry. Amidst the blossoming spring season, foreign friends, through poetry, delved into the elegant and delicate verses of Li Qingzhao, experiencing the elegance of Song Dynasty life. As if traveling through time, they joined the ancient scholars in admiring nature’s beauty and enjoying Jinan’s unique elegance.




Beside the murmuring Ink Spring, where the spring water flows, foreign friends, in their own way, perceived and interpreted the charm of Eastern culture. At this moment, the elegance of Jinan and the poetic charm intertwined, painting a beautiful picture of cultural exchange and mutual learning between China and foreign countries.



In recent years, the "Reading Shandong, Experiencing Jinan" series of cultural experience activities has launched a series of cross-cultural communication activities in response to the "Chinese Festival" series of programs. Using the emotional and warm power of Chinese culture, these activities innovate international communication and exchange between Chinese culture, Jinan culture, and various foreign cultures. In the future, the series of cultural experience activities will serve as a cultural exchange platform for global interaction and integration, promoting the deep participation of international students and foreign friends in cultural exchanges and facilitating the cross-cultural dissemination of excellent Chinese culture.



(Li Xiaotong; Liu Xiaohan;Gong Lili; Lou Xinyu; Hua Shan; Yuan Yuhua;  Hou Yawen; Liang Ruixin; Xu Jiayi; Li Jiayin; Liu Lu; Yang Yang; Chong Yaqi; Yuan Yaning)


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